Janel Magnaye
Interior Stylist

With a background in life coaching and residential design, Janel brings the best of both worlds to the team.  She has a clear understanding of how to connect the client to their space through design, colour and quality.

Creative and approachable, Janel's first priority is building relationships.  It's this connection that Janel believes paves the way to a personalized design process. Janel has a keen eye for colour and pattern and enjoys the hunt for unique finishes to make every project individual to the client.


Heather Draper
Principal Designer

Heather's  15+ years of design experience, infectious smile, and desire to push the envelope all contribute to the success of The Heather Company. Heather has a keen ability to layer fabrics, lights, interior finishes and millwork details to create thoughtfully inspired interiors. This talent allows her to create homes that perfectly reflect the family who lives there. A belief that home should never conform to trends, but rather layer and build on timeless elements have been proven to ensure her projects remain fashion forward, and never dated.