Interior Design

Whether you are considering building your dream home, or looking for the perfect home furnishings for a stunning existing home, make The Heather Company's boutique your first stop.

With a timeless approach to great design and a commitment to creating unique interiors, input from The Heather Company team will ensure your home's furnishings beautifully reflect you and your family.

Interior Design Services Offered

In-Boutique Consultation

Pop in anytime to discuss an update to an exisiting space. The boutique staff are always eager to work with you to find the perfect drapery, bedding, lighting, toss cushions, area rugs, wallpaper, furniture OR any combination of the above.

Be sure to bring photos of the space and samples of any existing colours or fabrics to make the most of your visit.

2 Hour In-Home Consultation

For larger decorating projects, an in-home consultation is advised. This will provide you and your designer with quality time in your home where the discussion will focus on all the objectives for the furnishing of your space. The designer will also be able to understand any unique challenges your home may present.

General guidance is often provided in this consultation, however, a follow-up presentation is often required to finalize fabric and furniture selections.

The Heather Company’s Whole Home Approach to Interior Design

As early as our first concept presentation, the perfect placement of a hall door is discussed at the same time as the ideal sofa fabric. This approach is the key to our projects having such a sense of personality and completion.

The Heather Company believes in a "whole home" approach to interior design. Architects and builders often use symbols intended to represent typical furniture layouts. Our team works to understand how you want to live in and move through your spaces, where your children will lounge while dinner is being made, or that perfect sunny spot for your pet. With that in mind we will select the perfect furnishings and place them to scale in your construction drawings.

Approaching the home's lifestyle needs first, allows for critical rough-ins, like electrical, doorways and cabinetry, to be placed perfectly for the already selected furnishings. Rather than facing problems when it is too late to correct them or making compromises due to lack of planning, we take a proactive, whole home approach.

Budgets for construction and decorating are considered as a whole, ensuring your stunning dream house has all the required components to make it your forever home, down to the perfect family gallery wall.

Our most beautiful projects are completed hand in hand with fantastic builders and clients, ensuring a breathtaking TURN KEY experiance on move in day.

Quality & Luxury Meets Modern Family Life

The Heather Co team love beautiful things. Marble, mosaic tile and truly custom millwork are a few of our favourite things. Creating family homes where your biggest concern is snagging the coveted sectional corner is what we do best.

Our unique approach to showcasing luxury elements in key spaces, and combining them with workhorses where required, ensures a carefree family home brimming with beautiful elements.

The Heather Company's approach to aesthetics is rooted in timeless detailing and uncompromising quality. We work to ensure your spaces feel up to the moment, never trendy, and stand the test of time.


•  Overall Design Concept 

•  Architectural Plan Review & Advisement

•  Lighting Plan & Fixture Selection

•  Furniture Layouts & Supply

•  Window Covering Design & Supply

•  Decor Styling