Kitchen and/or Bathroom Renovation

Well…that harvest gold fridge (tub) has got to go! and take the whole kitchen (bathroom )with it!

Did you ever think tile patterns and colors are sort of similar to fabric! Heather does, add that to an oddly “type A creative” personality who LOVES to cook and you have the makings of a designer who is an expert at creating a DREAM kitchen.

Heather Draper, Principal Designer, is experienced in all aspect of renovation, and knows that Kitchens and Bathrooms are THE MOST complex renovation one can embark upon. Our “custom truly means custom” approach, and Heather’s love of problem solving leads to kitchens that are STUNNING to look at and functional in an intuitive way.

Design Service Fees are as follows:

Initial In-home Consultation $250.00 

Project Fees:

Sourcing items supplied through The Heather Company’s Storefront

Design Assistant $20/hr*

Senior Stylist $40/hr*

Principal Designer $60/hr*

*refundable on purchases through The Heather Company

Sourcing/Returning items from our Trade Resources or Other Retailers ( ie tile, cabinet door samples), Design Drawings, Additional Meeting with Clients/Trades/Suppliers.

Design Assistant $40/hr**

Senior Stylist $100/hr**

Principal Designer $150/hr**

Purchasing Services

Purchasing services are available. The Heather Company will extend 50% of all discounts received from other retailers to our clients.

Heather’s Role in a Renovation is to:

Create drawings as needed to provide an overview of the work being done

Source/Select and Propose materials suitable for the project

Review/Discuss/Revise specifications and Drawings as need

Oversee quoting process to ensure a accurate and fair budget is achieved and items are ordered as discussed and expected by the client

Discuss/Review project scope/materials/details with all trades on site to ensure the finer details are thought out and understood prior to construction

Be available as needed to solve the inevitable problems.

Provide “translation” services between clients ( who may not speak construction) and the trades ( who seem to ONLY speak construction) to ensure clients have the knowledge they need to make a informed decision

Have a great time doing what she loves!

Renovation Budget

We mentioned we believe in quality right??  and while budgets can vary greatly a good rule of thumb is to expect to spend 10% of your homes value to renovate a kitchen and 5% for a bathroom.

Renovation Project Management

We have a GREAT relationship with the fine men of Mountains Edge Renovations ( one just may be Heather’s husband) and they are our preferred contractor. As with all things in life we know the cheapest price is not always the best deal, that is VERY true with one’s contractor,we know these guys are good, not the cheapest,maybe the best.