Custom IN a Click Drapery

There are three simple steps to creating the perfect custom drapery for your home.

First Pick your Drapery Type: Sheer or Solid

Sheer Drapery

Sheers create for an airy look where light control is not a concern I use sheers as the minimal first layer to privacy. A second set of drapes can be added to the sheers for additional privacy, light control or luxurious feel.

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Solid Drapery

Solid Drapery is used as either fully closing drapery, for maximun privacy, or to create the perfect decorative panels. Adding Black Out Lining to your solid drapery adds hotel like darkness for those who need it.

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or you may be looking for.....

The perfect drapery hardware, roman shades, or just beautiful fabrics to sew your own creation.

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