10 Outdoor Lounge (or should I say Oasis) Must Haves

When I was dreaming up the perfect outdoor space for my family I knew it had ONE JOB! 

To become the best room in the house.

No big deal! lol

Heather Draper in her outdoor living room "the oasis" featuring diamond pavers with artificial grass. furnishing from ikea and 2022 outdoor decor trend ideas and outdoor styling tips


Of course we had a big head start on the decor of the space with the diamond pavers and artificial grass we installed last year.

This summer, the massive self watering planters Chris built, filled with shade loving palms, black and white petunias and bright green creeping jenny, bring ALL the fresh garden vibes.


to really bring all of the comfort of the indoors out, we needed to furnish AND decorate just like we would inside!


Design Inspiration for Outdoor Decor of Outdoor Livingroom with diamond pavers and artificial grass like Chris loves Julia

1. Woven Planters - We love them inside for all the coastal style they bring, but they are just as important outside! After all, if we bring rattan furnishings and decor inside for it's outdoor boho vibe, we should be using it outside too!

2. Cozy throws - I don't know about you all, but the nights are CHILLY in Calgary. Rather than move inside, I just reach for this beautiful lambs wool throw from Pokoloco! I do just love to be cozy don't you?

3. Woven Cushion -  You MUST have cushions outside. MUST. Cushions are just as important to bring that "sink into me" feeling for outdoor furniture as they are to indoor furniture. The beautiful cushions I used bring just enough boho flair to soften the geometric lines of the diamond pavers & artificial grass. It's all about that balance!

4. Bold Prints - This cushion is all about the diamond pavers! Bonus, it also ties in the bold green of the grass up to the seating arrangement! Repeating the green of the artificial grass and shade loving palms on to the furnishings is key to tie the whole space together! Plus, I have been dying to do a black/white/green combo for years! double win.

5. Decor -  Friends, it is as important inside as it is out! But it really must be kept outdoor specific, and for that, Hurricane Lanterns. Big, architectural shapes, usually in outdoor friendly metal and glass, hurricane lanterns add instant charm to your outdoor room. Of course, they also hold candles, and keep them from being blown out by the wind. Can we get a whoop for functional decor??

6. Mood Lighting -  String lights, yep they are still a thing, and yes they are worth doing!!! For dinners that turn into drinks long into the evening lighting is a must. For me. there is nothing quite like cocktails under these sweet lights!

(Speaking of cocktails, did you try my Black Tea Bourbon cocktail recipe below?? The perfect summer cocktail to sip in your stylish outdoor lounge.)

7. Seat and Back Cushions - I knew we needed black cushions on our outdoor furniture to coordinate with my stunning black diamond paver patio. Thankfully, Ikea had great ones to match the sofas we used! I also love the hopsack weave texture. You know I love me some custom cushions, but I can off the rack when the look and price is right! 

8. Outdoor Sofas & Chairs -  Friends, I have never, and will never, be a fan a plicker ( plastic wicker...see what I did there ) For me it is teak or metal all the way! While I have been specing some STUNNING outdoor sets for my clients from Four Hands, for our budget, we had to go Ikea. Truth? we are not mad at them! They also won't owe us anything when we pass them along in a few years, thats another W right there.

9. Outdoor Pouf - You may have noticed I love the mix, bold traditional diamond pavers and boho inspired poufs?? YAAASSSS we like it casual around here, and nothing says alfresco laissez faire but like a well coordinated space with that "tossed together" vibe and somewhere to put up your feet!

( it's tough master the mix, I know, and it's why I created my expert calls...you should book one ;) )

10. Big beautiful cedar planters -  It's bringing the indoors out! You need the out. That mean plants, big plants. Think palms for shade loving plants your neighbours will swoon over and you know what they say about big plants, biiiiggg planters. Cedar preferably, always with the natural material vibe, but these black metal look planters are ok too, if maintenance is a concern.


Feeling inspired??


Honestly, even just passing through my oasis to the garage is now a JOY!

Imagine how great your outdoor living room could be with just a few of these tips!

Soon you will be calling your yard "The Oasis" too!!

Don't worry, all the best people sound a little crazy...lol.



Heather Draper in her outdoor living room "the oasis" featuring diamond pavers with artificial grass. furnishing from ikea and 2022 outdoor decor trend ideas and outdoor styling tips


Oh wait!!! That recipe I promised you! 

Bourbon Black Tea Cocktail featuring Woodford Reserve Bourbon

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