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2022 Fall Decor: The New Classics!
The votes are in the TOP Trend is toward Earthy and Casual…
The ‘white look’ has been around for years, so it is sooo pleasing to see the return of more organic, natural hues.
Discover one of Heather top trends for fall decor 'Peaceful Prairie'


Interior Design Video Consult: The Solution the Design World Has Been Waiting For?
Is an interior design video consultation right for you? Read this post to discover how you can use a virtual interior design meeting to save time and money on your next project.
Trends & Inspirations

 With the design world now fully embracing large scale motifs, thanks to the watercolor floral murals of 2019, things have moved to a much bolder, and dare I say, more sophisticated place.

Helped along no doubt by the ever increasing english inspired interior design trends (english cottage?, cottage core?, english style?) I have no idea what we are calling this style, but I do love the warmth and whimsy it is introducing to our interior design inspirations!

Summers are for Sipping & Soirees!
How exactly does one accomplish that in a small urban back yard?? Well by getting creative of course! When looking at any space in our homes, it is so easy to fall back on the prescribed, the see it everywhere obvious answer. But friends! Planning to create the expected is NOT where we should start our design planning ...
10 Outdoor Lounge (or should I say Oasis) Must Haves

When I was dreaming up the perfect outdoor space for my family I knew it had ONE JOB! 

To become the best room in the house.

No big deal! lol

Of course we had a big head start on the decor of the space with the diamond pavers and artificial grass we installed last year.


Sadly, my backyard had become 'that place I walk through on my way to the garage' and nothing more.

As a designer, who loves to entertain, I had to do something to change this! 

How was I letting this perfectly usable space go to waste!

Every space deserves to look beautiful and every inch of your home should pull you in and invite you to sit, laugh, lounge…