Interior Design Video Consult: The Solution the Design World Has Been Waiting For?

Launched during the zoom boom days of covid, the interior design video consultation is quickly becoming a trend the design world.

Which has me wondering, are virtual design consults what the design world has been waiting for? 

In some cases the answer is a resounding YES!

When is the perfect time for you to use Virtual Interior design?

During your home building selection process. The sheer magnitude of options is easily overwhelming, often causing anxiety and decision fatigue.  Coupled with the amount of money being invested in a home building project, one can feel underwater fast. This is when booking a video consult is money well spent! 

When completing a home makeover. Often interior design clients appreciate the reassurance that comes from a video consultation when completing a room makeover. In this situation we discuss the room together over video, outline your needs and goals for the space and share any design inspirations you have! From there we can select furniture pieces, decor items and layout to bring your vision to life! 

Kitchen/Bath (or other) Remodels. Some times less is more, and this can certainly be the case in remodel, especially when the kitchen and bath is involved! A little updating of cabinetry, hardware, tile and lighting can go a LONG way in transforming a space. This is the perfect time to book an interior design virtual call and get all the advice of an experience interior designer to set you off on the right track.

Truly the Interior Design Video Consult can be ideal for a multitude of situations and they almost always are more affordable than making a bad design choice. No one should have to live with worry when advice is just a click away!

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