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Tapestry Trees, love or hate, they are popping up everywhere.


With the design world now fully embracing large scale motifs, thanks to the watercolor floral murals of 2019, things have moved to a much bolder, and dare I say, more sophisticated place.

Helped along no doubt by the ever increasing english inspired interior design trends (english cottage?, cottage core?, english style?) I have no idea what we are calling this style, but I do love the warmth and whimsy it is introducing to our interior design inspirations!

I have to admit, I may be tempted to hop on board this one, my bathroom is in desperate need of wallpapering, and I have been looking for the perfect mural!  Though, I am a floral girl at heart, and may not be able to resist this tapestry floral beauty! )
If you are not quite ready for an entire mural, fear not, there are some beautiful fabric options for upholstery, and even a few stunning cushions in my sources list below.


1. Au bord du lac by La Maison Pierre Frey

2. Scalamandre Marley Verdure Toss Cushions

3. Trees in Ink Wallpaper Mural

4. Raphael Black Wallpaer

5. Wolterton Verdure by Watts 1874

6. Embroidered Tapestry Trees Toss Cushion


Tell me! 

What are your thoughts, love or hate?? Where and how would you use it??



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